Indoor Parking Guidance Camera

Streamline Parking Operations to Simplify Smart Building Management

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  • One for Six, Covering up to 6 Parking Spaces
  • 7 Colors Customizable Indicator
  • Special Parking Space Management
  • AI LPR & Vehicle Feature Recognition
  • Audio Output for External Speaker
  • Perfect for Both Indoor & Semi-open Parking Lots
  • Daisy-Chain Available for Easy Installation
  • Flexible Integration with CGI/APIs

Empower Building Management
with Smart Parking Sensor

The camera-based parking sensor delivers clear details with great image expertise. It empowers streamlining parking operations to upgrade
building management,and achieves effective transformation of benefits.

smart parking management in building

Digitized AI-Based
Parking Monitoring

With the power of AI deep learning algorithms, the parking sensor offers industry-leading accuracy exceeding 99.9% in detecting parking space occupancy. Its innovative dual lens design enables efficient monitoring of up to 6 parking spaces, with 3 on each side, using just a single camera. The real-time occupancy data can be collected to transform parking management in buildings to enhance profits.

Camera-based Technology
with Videos

Unlike traditional parking sensors, the Milesight Indoor Parking Guidance
Camera is an ideal sensor that provides live security videos for extra
safety. Leveraging decades of expertise in camera image quality,
Milesight ensures that the camera delivers clear details of parking spaces
even in low illumination indoor parking lots.

Vehicle Attribute

Besides acting as a guide, the Milesight Indoor Parking Guidance Camera can also perform real-time license plate recognition and identify vehicle attributes like type, color, and plate color. The highly accurate AI LPR algorithm generates valuable traffic information, which can be easily integrated into third-party management platforms to achieve more applications in building parking lot management.

ai lpr algorithm

Convenient Parking Guidance

  • Multi-Color Customizable Indicator

    Milesight Indoor Parking Guidance Camera comes with an indicator light that switches automatically based on the real-time occupancy status of parking space. With customizable light colors, the device provides visual cues that make finding available parking spaces a breeze. It also supports special parking spaces, such as handicap or VIP spot status detection and guidance for an easier and more convenient parking experience.

  • Audio Output for External Speaker

    Milesight Indoor Parking Guidance Camera features an audio-out interface that makes it easy to connect external speakers to play customized audio. Its usability and adaptability can well meet the needs of different scenarios.

parking camera indicator
audio out

Both Indoor & Semi-open Parking Lots Applicative

Equipped with industry-leading IP65-rated weather-proofing, the Milesight Indoor Parking Guidance Camera is well protected against adverse impacts to ensure robust performance and remain fully operational in indoor and semi-open parking lots. Besides, the LED is highly bright and intuitive to provide clear guidance even in semi-open scenarios.

indoor parking lots

Indoor Parking Lots

semi open parking lots

Semi-open Parking Lots

Easy Deployment

Support daisy-chain cabling for up to 6 cameras to be connected in sequence, minimizing installation time and reducing costs for a cost-effective parking management solution.
Note: This method requires a specific optional AC adapter.

Flexible Integration

Milesight Indoor Parking Guidance Camera offers CGl/APls and supports various protocols like TCP, HTTP, RTSP, MQTT, etc, which allow easy open integration with third-party parking management systems, such as guidance LED systems, car finding systems, and visualized central management platform.

Smart Parking Management in Building

Enhanced Security

  • Reduced Risk of Unauthorized Access and Crime
  • Real-Time Monitoring

Traffic Control

  • Avoid Congestion and Chaos
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Guidance:

Increased Efficiency

  • Reduced Manual Operations and Waiting Time
  • Optimized Utilization of Parking Resources

Increased Revenue

  • Provision of Paid Parking Services
  • Maximized Utilization of Parking Resources

Improved User Satisfaction

  • Convenient Parking Experience
  • Reduced Parking Time

Versatile Applications

Shopping Center

Office Building

Public Venue

Residential Building

Tourist Attraction


versatile applications of parking camera

Simple Installation

indoor parking camera intallation step1 indoor parking camera intallation step2 indoor parking camera intallation step3


Image Sensor1/2.8'' Progressive Scan CMOS
WDR120dB Supper WDR
Min. IlluminationColor: 0.008 Lux @F1.6
Shutter Time1/100000s~1s
LED IndicatorDefault: Red (all occupied), Green (available), 
Blue (available for special parking).
Adjustable: Orange, Yellow, Cyan and Purple.
Supports indicator flashing.
Parking Management
Parking Occupancy Detection Accuracy≥ 99.9%
LPR Accuracy>98%
Attribute Recognition Accuracy>95%
Parking Space DetectionUp to 6 Parking Spaces for Parking Detection with attributes recognition
Attribute IdentificationLicense Plate, Plate Color, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Color
Country Region SupportedMore than 60 countries and regions
Field of ViewH106°/D127°/V56°
Angle AdjustmentPan: 0° to 60°
Tilt: 0° to 30°
Max. Image Resolution2048 × 1536
Video CompressionH.264
Video Bit Rate16Kbps~16Mbps (CBR/VBR Adjustable)
Image SettingBrightness/Contrast/Saturation/Sharpness
Ethernet Port1 × RJ45 10/100Mbps Ethernet Port
Audio Out1
Physical Characteristics
Operating Temperature-40°C ~60°C
Relative Humidity5% ~90% (Non-condensing)
Ingress ProtectionUp to IP65 for weather-resistant performance
Surge Protection6kV
Dimension160mm × 97.5 mm
Warranty3 years


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