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Human Comfort in Smart IoT Buildings

Creating Comfort, Then Fostering Productivity, Well-Being, and Happiness

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Implementing Smart Solutions for Human Comfort

Implementing human comfort solutions in buildings is essential, as it directly influences productivity, well-being, and happiness. Comfortable surroundings
enable better concentration and efficiency, while promoting physical and mental health.

Indoor Air Quality
Psychological Feeling
Noise Nuisance
Visual Comfort
Thermal Comfort
Bathroom Odor

IAQ and Temperature Monitoring

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can cause health issues like respiratory problems, allergies, and fatigue. The Milesight IAQ sensor monitors temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOC, HCHO, PM2.5, PM10, light, and barometric pressure to improve comfort. It provides air quality feedback via a traffic light indicator, buzzer, E-ink screen, and emoticons, keeping you informed about the air you breathe. It also integrates with Milesight Smart Thermostats to control HVAC systems, ensuring clean air with optimal temperature and humidity for a comfortable and healthy environment.

Smart Device Control
Indoor Parking Guidance

Efficient and easy control of devices fosters a positive psychological experience. Comfort and convenience are at the heart of the WS101 Smart Button and WS156 Smart Scene Panel. With a simple tap, users can create a scene-oriented workplace. Whether it's a focused "Meeting-On" or a relaxed "Break", these smart controls allow for seamlessly adjusting lights, air conditioners, curtains, and more. All tailored to create a space that feels just right.

The parking guidance is also a component of comfort solutions, simplifying the often-stressful task of finding an empty parking spot. Milesight Indoor Parking Guidance Camera is equipped with indicator lights (red, blue, yellow, green) that automatically change based on the real-time occupancy status of each parking space. By providing clear and immediate visual cues, it remotely guides drivers to available spots efficiently. This smart system minimizes the time spent searching and the frustration often associated with parking, ensuring a smooth and stress-free arrival to the destination

Smart Lighting Control

The WS558 Smart Light Controller and WS50x Smart Wall Switch are designed to enhance your comfort by providing smart lighting control. When combined with our WS202 PIR & Light Sensor, these smart systems work in harmony to adjust lighting intelligently, responding to both human presence and natural light conditions. This thoughtful approach to lighting ensures visual comfort and convenience, creating a space without the need for constant manual adjustments.

Noise Monitoring

The WS302 Sound Level Sensor is crafted to create a serene and comfortable atmosphere. Through real-time data and prompt alerts, it empowers administrators to proactively address noise concerns, averting potential complaints and conflicts. This proactive noise management ensures a peaceful and productive space for everyone.

Bathroom Odor Monitoring

Unpleasant bathroom odors are consistently bothersome. The GS301 Bathroom Odor Detector is specifically designed to swiftly identify and alert users to these unwelcome smells. Once ammonia or hydrogen sulfide concentrations surpass thresholds, the device activates various alerts, such as a traffic light indicator, built-in buzzer, and remote notification. Additionally, the GS301 can integrate with ventilation systems to automatically refresh the air. This solution not only improves occupants' comfort but also fosters hygiene and well-being in communal areas.

How Human Comfort Solution Helps?

In today's buildings, comfort is key to productivity and well-being. Let's explore how Milesight's smart solutions transform discomfort into comfort.


Success Stories

For staff, the company is where they spend the most time outside of their homes during the week. We aspire to furnish employees with an intelligent, comfortable workplace, elevating job contentment. Milesight Headquarters leverages the latest LoRaWAN®, AI, ToF and 5G technologies to optimize energy efficiency and water efficiency, as well as to enhance employee comfort, improve space utilization and reduce costs.

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50 Milesight AM319 IAQ sensors were installed across 5 luxury villas in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. These sensors measured a comprehensive range of environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, occupancy, CO2 levels, and particulate matter. The sensors continuously gathered data on indoor air quality, which was crucial for understanding the villas' ambient conditions and the performance of the HVAC systems.

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The IAQ information from Milesight's sensors deployed by UnaBiz is linked to Honeywell's Forge Platform to give a summary of the health status inside the mall. Facility managers can take immediate actions to improve circulation of air, such as increasing the airflow within the mall, as traffic in the mall increases during peak hours, to create a healthier and safer environment for shoppers, tenants, and staff.

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Milesight's Smart Green Building for Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Save $45,000 per Year


HVAC Optimization in Dubai's Luxury Villas with
Milesight lAQ Sensors

nex shopping mall

Milesight's lAQ Solution Optimizes Sustainability of Smart Retail in Singapore NEX Shopping Mall


LoRaWAN® is an ideal transmission technology for human comfort solutions in buildings because it offers:

  • Long Range
  • Data transmission range up to 2 km in urban areas and 15 km in rural areas.

  • Low Power Consumption
  • IoT devices operating on LoRaWAN® can run on small batteries for years, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

  • Hignly Soalabie
  • LoRaWAN® networks are highly scalable, allowing the connection of up to 2000 nodes from a single gateway.

  • Secure & Reliable
  • LoRaWAN® ensures secure data transmission through AES-128 encryption, unique keys, authentication, message integrity checks, a secure join process, and regular key updates.


Milesight D2D Communication

The Milesight D2D (Device to Device) communication protocol featuring LoRa® enables communication among different Milesight LoRaWAN® node devices without needing a LoRaWAN® gateway. This allows users to directly control devices such as fans and light bulbs.

  • Lower Latency
  • Less than 1 Second
    Response Time
  • Secure
  • Reduce
    Investment Cost
milesight devices
Milesight D2D
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smart control device
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lamp1 lamp2
shelf fan leaf
Node Device


With the backing of LoRaWAN® Gateway with BACnet support, real-time data from human comfort solutions can seamlessly integrate into existing Building Management Systems (BMS).

  • BACnet over LoRaWAN®
  • LoRaWAN® as a Complementary Network

Facilitating Massive Deployment with Multiple Protocols


Milesight D2D Communication


Streamline Operation with Milesight Management Tools

milesight development platform Milesight Development Platform

The Milesight Development Platform simplifies device deployment and management, enabling you to focus on application development for your human comfort projects based on an open architecture.

mileisght iot cloud Milesight IoT Cloud

The Milesight IoT Cloud provides unparalleled levels of vertical integration with Milesight LoRaWAN® sensors and controllers. It visualizes field data and enables users to monitor and control remote assets on an intuitive dashboard. These features make Milesight IoT Cloud a valuable tool for optimizing human comfort solutions.

milesight devicehub Milesight DeviceHub

Milesight DeviceHub presents a compelling platform offering a comprehensive solution for LoRaWAN® deployment in a single package. It facilitates quick local deployment and remote management of human comfort devices, all while prioritizing data privacy and security.

Embrace Human Comfort Solution for a Better Tomorrow


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Implementing human comfort solutions in buildings enhances ESG performance. Environmentally, they boost energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Socially, they improve occupant health and productivity. In governance, they show commitment to sustainability and compliance, enhancing corporate reputation and attracting eco-conscious investors.

work with well



The WORKS WITH WELL program is introduced by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) in response to the increasing demand for healthier building products and solutions. To achieve those, these comfort solutions are also necessary. For instance, Milesight AM319 9-in-1 IAQ Sensor has officially earned the coveted Works with WELL mark, exemplifies how advanced monitoring of indoor air quality contributes to healthier environments. At Milesight, we help people live in safer, healthier facilities.

FAQs on Human Comfort Solution

Q: How does the Milesight IAQ sensor enhance indoor environment monitoring?

A: The Milesight Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor is a sophisticated device designed to monitor multiple environmental parameters including temperature, humidity, CO2, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), Formaldehyde (HCHO), PM2.5, PM10, light, and barometric pressure. The Milesight IAQ sensor provides real-time data, allowing for precise monitoring and enabling timely interventions to improve air quality and overall indoor conditions.

Q: How do the WS101 Smart Button and WS156 Smart Scene Panel enhance device control?

A: These devices streamline device control by allowing users to create customized scenes tailored to their preferences. With a single tap on the WS101 Smart Button or WS156 Smart Scene Panel, users can activate predefined settings that adjust multiple devices simultaneously, such as lighting, temperature, music, and more.

Q: Why Add Indoor Parking Guidance Cameras to Your IoT Solution?

A: These cameras act as advanced sensors, capturing and processing visual data to offer real-time information on parking space availability. By guiding drivers efficiently to vacant spots, they reduce search time, decrease congestion, and improve overall parking efficiency. The integration of these cameras into our IoT system not only maximizes the use of parking spaces but also contributes to a positive and stress-free parking experience, aligning with our vision of creating intelligent and user-friendly smart comfort solutions.

Q: Can Milesight's human comfort solutions be customized to fit different building environments?

A: Yes, Milesight offers customizable solutions to fit the specific needs and requirements of different building environments. Whether it's a commercial office space, residential building, or healthcare facility, Milesight can tailor its solutions accordingly.

Q: What are the energy-saving benefits of Milesight's smart lighting solutions?

A: Milesight's smart lighting solutions utilize time-based control and motion sensors to optimize energy usage. By automatically turn on/off s based on occupancy and ambient light conditions, they contribute to significant energy savings and reduce operational costs.

Q: Do the Milesight D2D-compliant end nodes support standard LoRaWAN® transmission at the same time?

A: Yes. The basic structure of Milesight D2D consists of D2D Controller Devices and D2D Agent Devices., But if the D2D controller feature is enabled, the default button message or threshold alarm will be transformed first to the D2D control command to send to agent devices instead of sending via LoRaWAN®. For parts of models, you can enable the LoRa Uplink option which will allow the device to send both commands to D2D agent and data to the LoRaWAN® network server at the same time.

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