In commercial buildings, temperature, humidity, and air quality are all important for people's health and productivity. High levels of CO2 inside commercial buildings can cause many health concerns, commonly known as SBS (Sick Building Syndrome). Increasingly sophisticated smart buildings are being developed by nations around the world to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and generally make the environment healthy for residents and business owners. Additionally, under the looming climate crisis, energy prices began soaring last year. The need for building energy usage optimization has never been this urgent.

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The AI-driven system requires accurate and real-time environmental data for analysts to provide alerts and recommendations to the building operators when sensors show that pre-determined thresholds have been exceeded, or to optimize the building's operation to save money. The existing sensor system functioned poorly with critical problems:

Poor Signal

poor signal

The original solution was based on a techonology with limited signal coverage, up to 60% of sensors onsite were down at any moment.

Excess Maintenance

excess maintenance

High power consumption required building operators to visit sites frequently to change sensor batteries which greatly increased maintenance cost.

Extra Expense

extra expense

Each Temperature and CO2 sensor required a sim card that generated an extra $500 monthly for each floor.


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Milesight's partner, Peak Power is a Canadian cleantech company at the forefront of the energy transition. They are pushing the envelope of what distributed energy resources can do in the built environment. They were one of the first companies to aggregate battery storage, grid interactive buildings, and bi-directional electric vehicles with a single decarbonization platform for partners to achieve net zero goals, cut operating expenses, and unlock new revenue opportunities.


In Ontario, Canada, Milesight partners Peak Power tailored a Smart Building Solution for more than 62 buildings including commercial offices and educational campuses.


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Milesight sensors are installed on each floor to monitor building data, including indoor ambience temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, occupancy, etc.

Milesight UG67 LoRaWAN® gateways are installed approximately every 3-stories with PoE power input to provide wide signal coverage. With embedded network server and 4G module, UG67 LoRaWAN® gateway can forward data collected by the sensor by MQTT to Peak Power's platform—Peak Insight via cellular network.

Device Deployment

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Toronto Metropolitan University


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Data-Driven Analyses

data driven analyses

With qualified data, the AI-powered platform can forecast the peak hours of energy usage and deliver data-driven recommendations to reduce lighting or HVAC usage. The platform will also send alerts when indoor temperature leaves the range of 21°C-26°C, or humidity falls below 40%, which makes occupants more vulnerable to viral respiratory infection, or when CO2 levels exceed 800 ppm which aggravates SBS.

Accurate Insights


AM319, AM107, EM300-TH and EM500-CO2 collect indoor air quality parameters including temperature, humidity, and CO2. VS121 monitors the occupancy of the space. This data is forwarded to gateways in real-time. Building operators are able to gain actionable insights on indoor air quality.

Remote and Automated

remote management

Building operators can remotely turn on/off the devices through WS523 Smart Portable Sockets based on the recommendations, thus optimizing and reducing energy consumption. Also, when receiving IAQ alerts, operators can control the HVAC system remotely to provide improve ventilation.

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Accurate insights on IAQ, notifications from the platform, and effortless remote control over HVAC systems together ensure optimal air quality for tenants, which not only improves comfort level but also productivity.


Superior Indoor Air Quality

The solution is composed of three key elements which are accurate and actionable insights on energy usage and IAQ, data-driven analyses, and remote management, This has greatly improved the energy efficiency of buildings and saved hundreds of thousands of Canadian dollars every year.

Building operators can remotely turn on/off the devices through WS523 Smart Portable Sockets based on the recommendations, thus optimizing and reducing energy consumption. Also, when receiving IAQ alerts, operators can control the HVAC system remotely to provide improve ventilation.

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Energy-efficient and
Eco-friendly Building

Dialogue With Partner

Unveil the details of the success story through dialogue, rather than monologue

What are the benefits Milesight brings to the project?


“Unbeatable Battery Life”

“The battery life is unbeatable. Since we have started, we have only seen a 3% battery drop from buildings we deployed a year ago, which is a huge advantage.”


“Rock-solid Coverage”

“Milesight products and solution provide rock-solid single coverage. With just a few gateways we can cover the entire building. Before that we needed two sim cards for each sensor. Now we only need 4 sim cards to achieve the same coverage with much higher data quality.”


“Reduced Maintenance Work”

“Before partnering with Milesight, our people needed to visit sites every few months to change sensor batteries. Now, the reduced maintenance work for Operations allows them to focus more on deployment to new buildings instead of going back to maintain finished work.”

Why LoRaWAN®?

why lorawan

Why Milesight?

“Data is fundamental to everything Peak Power does. The Milesight devices allow us to provide accurate, real-time data to our operations team. Paired with Peak Insight, our building insights software, we can deliver real value to our customers.“

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Wide Media Coverage

As the energy crisis and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting much of the globe, Milesight's successful solution to optimize energy efficiency and improve IAQ has attract the spotlight of many media outlets.