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How to Use DeviceHub


Unleash the Power of Effortless Management

Milesight DeviceHub is a advantageous platform that allows a comprehensive solution for LoRaWAN® deployment with an all-in-one package. It enables swift local deployment and remote management of LoRaWAN® devices while ensuring data privacy and security.

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Discover the Flexibility It Empowers

LNS(LoRaWAN® Network Server)

It empowers to harness the true potential of the LoRaWAN® network. Seamlessly integrated and designed to optimize every aspect of network operations, LNS takes control of gateway frequency band management, sensor authorization, and unlocks seamless data exchange and interpretation between sensors and applications.

Device Management

It offers unparalleled capabilities for remotely managing a wide range of devices, including gateways, routers, and more. Seamlessly connect, configure, upgrade, retrieve configurations, and remotely restart devices – all in one single and comprehensive platform, which simplifying network deployment, prolonging network operation, and conquering operational challenges with confidence.

Make Monitoring and Managing Easier

milesight devicehub monitoring managing smooth operation

Ensure Smooth

Smooth operation is guaranteed as users will be sent real-time alerts once an abnormality is detected

milesight devicehub reduced average time

Reduce Average
Time/Call and Cost

Devices can be managed in groups and firmware upgrades can be conducted in bulk through the platform

mileisght device hub monitoring managing reduced time rolls

Eliminate Unnecessary
Truck Rolls

Devices' abnormality are notified immediately and monitoring can be done through the platform, including firmware upgrades

milesight devicehub monitoring managing customer satisfaction

Quick and Secure

Providing a comprehensive solution for swift and efficient deployment and setup of LoRaWAN® networks. The data is private without any cyber concerns.

milesight devicehub monitoring managing quick deployment

Easy Device Deployment

Adding devices to the system is a breeze, requiring only a step of entering the unique codes effortlessly to realize the first step of management.

Get DeviceHub

Get the all-in-one package for local deployment and start the great device management experience.

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