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AI technology, accompanied by the rapid development of computer power, big data, and theoretical understanding, is becoming an essential part of the technology industry. For video surveillance, AI is going to play an important role in intelligent video analytics, which will greatly enhance the monitoring performance and save human labor.
Based on the profound accumulation and professional R&D, Milesight applies AI technology to our network cameras and VMS Enterprise, enabling intelligent surveillance across a wide range of scenarios that require advanced analytics.


Focus on Human & Vehicle

Milesight AI Camera Series provides high quality image and intelligent functions. Powered by AI chip, it is capable of recognizing vast attributes of human, vehicle, and other objects. As vehicle and human related events are very important in security monitoring and commercial analytics, the filtering is supported to better optimize the efficiency and help manager to make informed decision.

AI Empowers Security

Powered by advanced AI engine, Milesight new generation video analytics boasts with higher accuracy via a pre-trained deep learning model and continuously training to algorithms automatically.

VCA Event

Milesight Al Camera Series can intelligently filter objects to focus on human and vehicle detection in multiple events such as Region Entrance, Region Exiting, Object Left, Object Remove, Loitering, Line Crossing, Tamper Detection, Advanced Motion Detection, etc.

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People Counting

High accuracy and real-time people counting based on Al algorithm, with statistic reports for further analysis, helps to make prompt decision on security management and commercial adjustment of the business.

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Face Detection

Detect, capture faces and further support advanced functions for various applications.

  • Face Privacy Mode (Mosaic the recognized faces automatically.)
  • Face Attributes Recognition (Recognize a variety of face attributes, such as masks, gender, etc.)
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Heat Map

The Heat Map function can help identify patterns and trends in customer behavior, such as their preference in specific area, thus to optimize the store layout to attract more attention. This function enables smarter and more visual commercial management, empowering managers to make informed decisions.

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People Flow Analysis

The People Flow Analysis function in Fisheye model can provide insights into the preferred areas of your customers. For example, you can easily find out which entrance gate has the highest traffic and the path customers take to navigate the store.

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Fire & Smoke Detection

Our advanced system detects the earliest signs of fire incidents, enabling a rapid response to prevent potential disasters and delivering real-time alerts for swift action, effectively minimizing damage.

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Hard Hat Detection

Accurately identifing individuals not wearing proper head protection in construction sites, AI Hard Hat Detection can instantly alert supervisors and administrators, mitigating potential hazards and ensuring a secure work environment for everyone.

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AI Escorts for Intelligent Traffic

vehicle detection

Vehicle Information Detection

  • Accurate License Plate Capture (AI LPR Accuracy > 98%)
  • Various Vehicle Features Recognition(License plate number, vehicle color, plate color, vehicle type, vehicle make can be recognized)
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no plate

No Plates Detection

  • Detect Vehicles Without License Plates or Obscured Plates
  • Various Vehicle Features Recognition
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reverse driving

Reverse Driving Detection

  • Detect and Alert Vehicles Driving in the Wrong Direction
  • Various Vehicle Features Recognition
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illegal parking

Illegal Parking Detection

  • On-street Illegal Parking Detection
  • Various Vehicle Features Recognition
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specific lane

Specific Lane Management

  • Bus Lane Illegal Occupation Detection
  • Disallowed Vehicles Detection on the Road
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Speed Enforcement

  • Speed Control & Violation Management
  • Evidence Camera Linkage
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Traffic Flow Management

  • Dynamic Vehicle Counting based on Different Lanes in Liveview
  • Traffic Signal Control Based on Real-time Traffic Data Collection
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outdoor parking

Outdoor Parking Detection

  • LPR Mode: Up to 4 Parking Spaces Detection
  • Parking Occupancy Mode: Up to 100 Parking Spaces Management
LPR Mode (Watch Video) Parking Occupancy (Watch Video)

Indoor Parking Occupancy Detection

  • Up to 6 Parking Spaces Detection
  • Guidance Illumination Embeded
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VMS Enterprise Leads the Way

Milesight VMS Enterprise is not only compatible with Milesight AI cameras, but it can also empower AI video analytics into all types of third-party cameras with Milesight AI analytics server, achieving the next generation AI solution with high accuracy and efficiency.

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