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Space Occupancy

In general, space occupancy refers to the measure of individuals in a space. It is also a measure of how many people use a space. Space usage has always been a priority for facility managers. Having a comprehensive understanding of space occupancy allows for improved strategic decision making, identification of opportunities for cost reduction, simplified space planning and validation of employee needs.

space occupancy solution topology

Typical Applications

Office Utilization

To better understand office occupancy based on extensive data collected, the sensor can discover both the most and less frequently used areas to optimize the layout, making the office more occupant-friendly and further improving resource allocation.

Meeting Room Occupancy

Based on real-time data, the Milesight workplace occupancy sensor allows for effective workplace utilization through usage management by detecting the presence in a meeting room, which is useful for last-minute bookings. It can also detect unused but reserved rooms and release the resource allowing other accesses if needed. Moreover, it could generate a true understanding of meeting room usage through extensive reporting.

Cubicle Detection

The hybrid workplace model provides employees with greater flexibility. By leveraging the performance of PIR and ToF, the solution can update occupancy status immediately for better flow management and higher facility efficiency.

Workstation Detection

With the help of the solution, any desk or seat is under control. The status of being occupied or vacant is clear to administrative staff. No extra efforts are needed for complicated counting and statistics management.

  • Office Utilization
  • Meeting Room Occupancy
  • Cubicle Detection
  • Workstation Detection

Superior Highlights

lorawan and poe icon

Flexible LoRaWAN® and PoE Versions

Alternative LoRaWAN® and Ethernet transmission give easy access to different application requirements.

ai tof and pir icon

Versatile AI/PIR/ToF Technologies

Applying different recognition technologies for different application scenarios.

accuracy icon

Up to 99.8% Ultra-high Accuracy

Increasing accuracy to 99.8% with AI and ToF technologies.

anonymous detection icon

100% Anonymous Detection

Being GDPR-compliant, no PII is involved with the help of privacy-featured technologies and LoRaWAN® transmission.

staff detection and adults and children differentiation

Staff Detection and Adults/Children Differentiation

Giving direct access to recognize specific categories of individuals including staff detection and adults/children differentiation.

bi directional people counting and smart u turn

Bi-Directional Smart People Counting

Bi-Directional people counting with smart U-turn filtering to improve accuracy and performance.

large detection area

Large Detection Area

Covering a wide area of 78 square meters.

milesight d2d communication

Milesight D2D Communication

Allow for easily communicate between Milesight LoRaWAN® devices within 1 second.

compatibility icon

Great Compatibility

The strong scalable capacity unlocks the potential of the premises.

Integrated with Third Party Platforms

Except Milesight IoT Cloud, the devices can also well collaborate with third-party platforms through open APIs and MQTT/HTTP(s), extending applications to realize different actual demands. It will easily cover the space occupancy rate, space utilization, various linkages, and space management.

mater workplace occupancy
get timely occupancy information
workplace occupancy
improve workplace layout
meeting room occupancy

Benefit from the People
Counting Solution

Master Workplace Occupancy

The solution helps to grasp workplace occupancy information via people counting. By getting extensive data, it forms a valuable information network in the workplace, which greatly promotes data-oriented management. The entrance, exit, workstation status, meeting room status, etc, and everything related can be turned into information quickly accessed for further strategic decision-making.

Get Accurate Information Timely

One of the merits of intelligent devices instead of the labor force lies in quick response. Free from being troubled by information delay, the utilization conditions of the workplace, for example, meeting rooms, can be easily got. Furthermore, the utilization supposed to be unorganized is now able to be planned ahead of time.

Save Energy

The energy usage can be optimized according to the actual workplace utilization level to save costs of air conditioning, heating, lighting, etc. It enables users to take advantage of the statistics for avoiding energy wasting the time periods of arriving and leaving. Moreover, with exclusive Milesight D2D communication, perfect linkage among Milesight devices controls ON/OFF automatically to save energy intelligently.

Improve Workplace Layout

Discover the most used and crowded areas in the workplace through the obtained data to optimize the workplace layout. If possible, the management staff can change the design to make full use of the preferred areas, realizing better workplace utilization.

Reasonably Allocate Resource

Even distribution will lead to some uneven distribution since actual utilization is different from what it suppose to be. Therefore, adjusting resource allocation on the basis of statistics will make workplace utilization more scientific and conform to reality.

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