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The Milesight Technology Partner Program aims at advancing technical compatibility and maximizing business influence. By integrating our products with the unique strengths of our diverse partners, we strive to explore the possibilities of what can be achieved with Milesight products, providing end customers with more sophisticated and optimized solutions. Together, we can harness the power of partnership to achieve greater innovation and make the most significant sensing impact in the industry.

Benefits of Technology Partners

development platform

Accelerate deployment and project go-to-market

Build integrations easily with the Milesight integration platform. Tap into its open architecture and extensive capabilities, ensuring smooth interoperability and delivering the combined benefits for end users.

technology innovation

Leverage collective innovation and complementary expertise

Leveraging the collective expertise and specialized knowledge of technology partners to deliver comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions that address specific industry challenges.

global reach

Elevate global visibility
and customer reach

Amplifying market visibility and expanding reach through joint marketing efforts, increasing brand exposure, and accessing new customers for mutual business growth.

Technology Partner Types

We work with technology partners to increase the compatibility of Milesight products with VMS, network connectivity, software applications, platforms, and more.

partner ns

VMS/Cloud Partners

These partners offer VMS solutions that enable centralized management, monitoring, and control of video surveillance systems. They provide software platforms specifically designed for video recording, storage, playback, and analytics.

alliance partner

Alliance Partners

These partnerships form open alliances with organizations from different industries by sharing knowledge, conducting joint research, and development efforts. By uniting forces, these partners foster synergies and drive the ecosystem to the next level.

partner as

IoT Platform Partners

IoT Platform partners are instrumental in building intelligent connected solutions for large-scale IoT deployments. With their application enablement and network infrastructure, customers benefit from seamless device connectivity, efficient data management, advanced analytics, and more.

Collaboration News and Stories

news nx

Milesight Partners with Network Optix (Nx) for Deep Integration

Milesight has completed the seamless integration of advanced functions such as Milesight VCA Events, Milesight LPR Integration, and Object Tracking with Nx Witness VMS, greatly enhancing the scalability of Milesight products.

news nx 2

Milesight and ThingsBoard, Inc. Announced a Technical Partnership to Provide More Integrated IoT Solutions

Both companies aim to provide comprehensive and seamless solutions for diverse IoT applications by combining their expertise and technologies.

news pc

Milesight and 3dEYE Join Forces to Drive Digital Innovation on Cloud AI Solutions

The partnership aims to leverage 3dEYE robust pure cloud AI platform and Milesight Corporation's IP camera technology expertise in software development to deliver innovative solutions to global market.

news actility akenza

Milesight, Actility, and Akenza Release New IoT Solutions for Indoor Air Quality, Smart Office and Smart Building

The three IoT starter kits provide you with Milesight all-star devices, LoRaWAN® connectivity from Actility's ThingPark Enterprise, and Akenza's IoT platform which are all pre-integrated.

Hear from our Partners

"Uniting forces with Milesight highlights our commitment to redefining IoT possibilities. This collaboration amplifies our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and providing connectivity, innovation, and efficiency for commercial projects."

Wienke Giezeman

CEO, The Things Industries

"With Milesight cameras now cloud-enabled by 3dEYE pure cloud video AI platform, we're advancing live video monitoring and video verification industry. This integration reduces false alarms by 90% and boosts operator efficiency by 80%, propelling us towards a safer, smarter future."

Katherine Balabanova

CRO/Board Director, 3dEYE Inc.

"We're thrilled about partnering with Milesight. Their expertise in IIoT innovation, coupled with Actility's advanced connectivity solutions portfolio will allow quicker and more secure deployments of LoRaWAN® solutions across many IoT segments on all continents as well through common distributors and system integrators. Our joint development and distribution of these appliances and services will help us deliver compelling connectivity for the IoT world.”

Oliver Hersent

CEO, Actility

"We welcome Milesight to the Zatpark ecosystem, bringing their global ANPR presence. This addition promises to enhance the suite of options available to Zatpark customers, aligning with our goal of improving parking management through technological integration."

Jono Clark

Technical Partnership Manager, Unity5

Become Milesight Technology Partner and accelerate influence by innovating, building, and achieving together!

If you are interested in Milesight, please leave us a message.

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