Bathroom Odor Detector

Less Nasty Air. More Attentive Care.

bathroom odor detector front small
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  • Detect NH₃ & H₂S with Higher Accuracy
  • Built-in Buzzer & Traffic Light Status Indicator for Alarming
  • Up to 3 Years Battery Life
  • Support LoRaWAN® & Milesight D2D Simultaneously
  • Milesight D2D with Communication Latency to < 1 Sec

Cleaner Bathroom Start with Odor Sensing

GS301 can be applied to measure the concentration of harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in real-time.


Minimalist &Practical Design

GS301 LoRaWAN® Bathroom Odor Detector is compact in size and easy to install and maintain. With damp proof coating, the detector can work on various conditions of bathrooms.

bathroom odor detector 4 sensor in 1

4-in-1 Sensors with

Integrated with ammonia (NH₃), hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), temperature and humidity sensors.

Detect ammonia (NH₃) and hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) gas according to electrochemical principle.

  • NH₃: ±5% Accuracy
  • H₂S: ±5% Accuracy

* It is highly recommended that sensors operate below 35°C.

Stay Informed of Foul Air

When ammonia or hydrogen sulfide concentration reaches thresholds, the alarm will be activated, including traffic lights indicator, built-in buzzer and uplink data packets. *Thresholds can be customized

Assistant to Ventilator
for Clearer Air

HVAC system is empowered to automatically adjust based on the detected concentrations of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide produced from the urinal and sewer pipe.

Milesight D2D Featuring LoRa®

Support Milesight D2D protocol to enable ultra-low latency and direct ventilation control without gateways

  • Lower Latency
  • Less than 1 Second Response Time
  • Secure Transmission
  • Reduce Investment Cost

*When Milesight D2D is enabled, LoRaWAN® protocol can operate as usual.

bathroom odor detector d2d
bathroom odor detector long battery life

Multi-Year Battery

Built-in 4 x 4000 mAh ER18505 Li-SOCL2 batteries ensure up to 3 years' service life.

* Sensor Life can be over 3 Years

**4 x 4000 mAh ER18505 Li-SOCL2 Replaceable Batteries (10 min intervals)

Smart Restroom Solution

To make it right and easy, Milesight Smart Restroom Solution provides IoT insights into the status of cleanliness and hygiene.

Get More Details
bathroom odor detector lorawan

LoRaWAN® Based

  • Penetrating Signals: data transmission range up to 2 km in urban areas and
    15 km in rural areas
  • High Compatibility: compliant with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers

Cloud Data Management
Milesight IoT Cloud

  • Data Visualization Dashboard:
    All figures in a glance
  • Automatic Triggers:
    Interactive collaboration with Milesight IoT sensors
    to realize scene-based automation
  • Regular Reports & Real-Time Alerts:
    Data-based insights
  • Android & iOS App:
    Manage devices at your fingertips

NFC Configuration

Switching On/Off & Configuring the Devices Wirelessly

nfc configuration step 1

1st Step

Install the
Milesight ToolBox

nfc configuration step 2

2nd Step

Enable NFC and run ToolBox,
then attach your phone to the device

nfc configuration step 3

3rd Step

Verify the password
and start configuring

Explore More About NFC Configuration >>


bathroom odor detector installation
bathroom odor detector installation steps

Installation Steps


Wireless Transmission
ProtocolLoRaWAN® , Milesight D2D
Tx Power16 dBm (868 MHz)/19 dBm (470 MHz)/22 dBm (915 MHz)
ModeOTAA/ABP Class A
Ammonia (NH3)
Detection PrincipleSolid Polymer Electrochemical
Range0 ~ 10 ppm
Accuracy± 5% (-40 - 35°C)
Long-term Stability< 1 % accuracy drift per month
Resolution0.01 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
Detection PrincipleSolid Polymer Electrochemical
Range0 ~ 5 ppm
Accuracy± 5% (-40 - 35°C)
Long-term Stability< 1 % accuracy drift per month
Resolution0.01 ppm
Range-40 - 85°C
Accuracy± 0.2°C
Range0 - 100%RH
Accuracy± 2%
LED& Buzzer1 × Status/Alarm Indicator + 1 × Buzzer
Button1 × Reset/Reboot Button
ConfigurationMobile App via NFC
Advanced FeatureMilesight D2D Controller
Physical Characteristics
Power Supply4 x 4000 mAh ER18505 Li-SOCl2 Replaceable Batteries
Sensor Life> 3 Years
Battery LifeAround 3 Years (10 min interval)
Operating Temperature-40°C - 55°C
Relative Humidity0% - 95% (non-condensing)
Ingress ProtectionIP30
Dimension120 × 85 × 32.5 mm (4.72 × 3.35 × 1.28 in)
Material & ColorPC+ABS (Flame Retardant), White
InstallationWall Mounting


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