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From device deployment and management to custom integration and application development, Milesight helps you get your project off the ground.

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An Integration Platform

To Accelerate Application Development and Project Deployment

The complexity of IoT systems arises from the integration of hardware, software, connectivity, data analytics, and more. The Milesight Development Platform simplifies device deployment and management, enabling you to focus on application development for your projects based on an open architecture.

Easy integration and
data exchange

development platform reduce time

Plug-and-play Milesight device deployment

development platform less complexity

Centralized management of devices, applications, and projects

development platform manual

Device sharing and
batch operations

development platform effort

Secure remote device access and updates

development platform less difficulty

Not requiring extensive software/hardware knowledge

development platform less resource

How It Works

What Can It Do for You

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Integration and Application Development

Milesight Development Platform offers intuitive APIs for smooth data interchange, real-time Webhooks to trigger external actions, centralized management of applications and projects, and comprehensive documentation for crafting customized IoT solutions.

Quicker Device Deployment

Milesight Development Platform simplifies device deployment with intuitive addition processes, plug-and-play configurations, and seamless connectivity, setting the stage for efficient IoT implementations. The platform ensures a consistent and accelerated rollout of devices, minimizing the time from setup to operation.

Thing Specification Language (TSL)

Milesight's standard for modeling

device capabilities and properties.


Device config file for seamless

platform integration and management.

TSL Config

A lightweight device pre-configuration

feature for non-Profile devices.


Auto-Provision enables automated

device configuration upon initial activation.

development platform feature device deploymant
development platform feature device management

Easier Device Management

Milesight Development Platform provides centralized device management with streamlined interactions with connected devices, batch operations for multi-device handling, a unified dashboard for data and events, and unified output capability for seamless data exchange with upper-layer application servers.

Batch Operations

Quickly add, delete, and edit multiple devices to save efforts.

Remote Access

Secure remote access for Internet-enabled devices via web and SSH

Device Sharing

Controlled access to specific devices for team and external collaboration.

Over-the-air Updates

Remotely deliver new settings and updated firmware to your Internet-enabled devices.

Why Choose Milesight Development Platform

development platform feature simplified

Simplified Deployment
and Management

Effortlessly deploy, configure, manage, and integrate Milesight devices with lower technical barriers and reduced complexity.

development platform feature diversified

Diversified Portfolio for
Market Penetration

Tap into a broader market with Milesight's diverse portfolios and reduce the time and resources needed to bring tailored solutions to the market.

development platform feature empowering

Empowering Service

Solutions providers can integrate, build, and customize applications and provide value-added services to customers adopting Milesight devices.

development platform feature efficient

Efficient System

System integrators can streamline the integration process, project deployment, and management of Milesight devices, ensuring seamless system implementation.

Plans and Pricing

PlanFree Sign Up NowProfessional Contact UsPrivate Cloud Contact Us
API Requests (per 24-hour period)1,0001,000+100 * Device NumberUnlimited
Webhook URI2/App5/AppUnlimited
Webhook Events1,000/24h/AppUnlimitedUnlimited
Default Configuration Template-
Custom Templates
Bulk Auto ProvisioningCustomizable
Device Management
Device Number
Number of devices connected to the Platform
Data PreviewLatest reported dataLatest reported data, CustomizableCustomizable
Bulk Configuration
Remote Access
Device Sharing
Operation LogsLast weekLast yearCustomizable
OTA UpgradeComing soon
LoRaWAN® FUOTAComing soon
Image Transmission100 * Device Number/year300 * Device Number/yearUnlimited
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Milesight devices are supported by the Development Platform?

Refer to the supported device list for full details. If the device models you use are not on the supported list, please click here to submit your request.

What are the differences between Milesight Development Platform, Milesight IoT Cloud, Milesight DeviceHub, Milesight VPN, Milesight AIoT Sensing Platform?

Milesight Development Platform is a device connection, management, and integration platform, allowing you to send data to custom applications using APIs and webhooks.

Milesight IoT Cloud is a general application server providing unparalleled levels of vertical integration with Milesight LoRaWAN® devices.

Milesight DeviceHub is a device management platform which is designed to easily deploy Milesight IoT devices (especially industrial cellular routers) across multiple locations.

MilesightVPN is a web-based VPN monitoring and management platform.

Milesight AIoT Sensing Platform is a device management platform designed for x-infinity devices that captures images and unlocks the values to service different application requirements.

How much does Milesight Development Platform cost?

You now have the opportunity to fully explore Milesight Development Platform and experience all of its features for free for a limited time. Try it now!

Where do I go to get help?

We recommend you start by looking into developer documentation as it contains a lot of useful information about getting started in Milesight Development Platform. Also, we recommend going through Frequently Asked Questions. Outside of that, you can contact our customer support at any time. We'll reply as soon as possible.

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