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Why People Counter Matters

People counting is greatly important in all walks of life. By accurately counting the number of people in a space, businesses, and venues can optimize their capacities, allocate resources efficiently, and deliver exceptional experiences. Milesight people counters featuring different technologies and performances help to gain reliable counting data in both directions simultaneously.

Buildings use people counting sensors to optimize space usage, save energy, and enhance business management. Typically, these sensors are placed in entrances, passages, corridors, and open rooms.

They help track the number of people entering and exiting a space. Businesses use this data to make informed decisions about utilizing the building's resources, improving operations, and enhancing the customer experience.

people counting applications

Semi-Outdoor Line
Crossing / Regional

ai tof people counting sensor vs135

Outdoor Road

cctv camera

Indoor Line Crossing /

people counting sensor vs133

Indoor Large

ai workplace occupancy sensor vs121

Passage and

passage people counter vs350
indoor large space people counting indoor line crossing and regional people counting indoor small entrance people counting outdoor and traffic people counting passage and corridor people counting semi outdoor and indoor line crossing and regional people counting

Typical Applications of People Counters



Using accurate people counting technologies, Milesight people counters give you a direct way to precisely manage buildings. The people counting data allows buildings to improve indoor air quality and comfort through further data-driven measures. Smart sensors help connect people, space, and management for efficient use of space, energy conservation, and resource allocation.

  • tick box People counting
  • tick box HVAC System management
  • tick box Energy saving
  • tick box Space utilization
building people counting background


Milesight people counters use the latest technologies to work in any traffic environment. It tracks passengers getting on or off in real time to gather data useful for improving operations. The peak hours with the most passengers and crowded trains, as well as empty trains, will provide valuable data. Accurate passenger counts will help in making better operational decisions.

  • tick box Passage counting
  • tick box Traffic flow counting
bus station people counting


The people counting capabilities provided by the sensors offer valuable insights into usage trends. Restroom managers can identify peak usage hours and high-traffic areas. This allows for proactive resource allocation, ensuring prompt and effective maintenance during busy times, ultimately enhancing cleanliness and hygiene.

  • tick box People counting
  • tick box Cubicle detection
  • tick box Indoor air quality improving
restroom people counting background


The retail stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls' customer flows are vital for business operations. Operators can find the peak hours and more valuable sales information by collecting real-time and long-term data. They can also analyze customer numbers to understand how well the business is performing. Furthermore, optimize staff management reasonably to fit the customers' actual needs.

  • tick box Customer flow counting
  • tick box Dwell time detection
  • tick box Customer behavior detecting
  • tick box Queue Management
retail people counting background


The overall space usage and foot traffic patterns will be clear with real-time people counting data. You can apply people counter sensors to office areas such as meeting rooms, offices, lounges, etc. They help to manage resources, save energy, and make better use of space. What's more, the 100% anonymous detection by design alleges the fear of any privacy disclosure.

  • tick box Office people counting
  • tick box Meeting room people counting
  • tick box Staff detection
office people counting background

Highlights of Milesight People Counting Sensors

lorawan and poe icon


LoRaWAN®, Ethernet, Cellular, and Wi-Fi Halow transmission give easy access to different application requirements.

ai icon

Advanced Technologies

Applying AI, ToF, PIR, and thermopile technologies to enhance counting accuracy.

accuracy icon

Up to 99.8% Ultra-high

Increasing accuracy to 99.8% to satisfy application requirements.

privacy detection icon

100% Anonymous

It is GDPR compliant with no personally identifiable information caught.

compatibility icon

Great Compatibility

The strong scalable capacity unlocks the potential of the premises.

central management icon

Integrated Central

A quick analysis of both real-time and historical data.

Advanced Features

bi directional people counting

People Counting

regional people counting

People Counting

dwell time detection

Time Detection

multi device stitching

Multi-Device Stitching

staff detection

Staff Detection

adults and children differentiation

Adults and
Children Differentiation

heat map

Heat Map

group counting

Group Counting

shopping cart detection

Shopping Cart Detection

VS133 Success Story


You May Want to Know

Q. Why do people counting sensors/people counters matter to your business?

People counting sensors play a crucial role in businesses for several reasons. They provide accurate data on customer behavior, locations, and demographics, helping businesses understand their customers better. This information enables the optimization of operations, such as improving staffing schedules, reducing wait times, and delivering enhanced customer service.

Additionally, customer counters assist in measuring conversion rates and evaluating marketing strategies, enabling data-driven business decisions to boost revenue generation. By analyzing space usage, businesses can optimize store layouts, identify popular areas, and maximize resource allocation.

Furthermore, people counting sensors contribute to maintaining a safe and secure environment by monitoring occupancy levels and managing crowd control effectively. Using people counting technology in business is important for understanding data, improving efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and achieving success.

Q. What are the differences among people counters for different applications

People counters for different applications vary in their technology, mounting options, accuracy, counting areas, connectivity, data analysis capabilities, and scalability. The choice of people counters depends on the specific requirements and objectives of each application. A store focuses on counting accurately for conversion rates, while a venue estimates crowd sizes at entrances and exits.

Connectivity options and integration capabilities vary. You can choose from wired or wireless people counters. Some devices can integrate with other sensors, devices, and systems like facility management systems, while others lack scalability. Milesight people counters offer great compatibility, making integration easy and providing extendable performance.

Q. How to guarantee high accuracy?

Milesight brings a comprehensive range of people counters to satisfy different application needs. The accuracy varies from different models.

Passage People Counter VS350 with PIR stands out with its cost-effective performance. For the best accuracy, consider the AI ToF People Counting Sensor VS133 or the Ultra ToF People Counter VS135. Both options have an industry-leading accuracy of 99.8%. Milesight people counters also use deep learning AI and ToF technology to accurately count people by analyzing detailed images.

Q. How do Milesight people counting sensors guarantee anonymity

Privacy is highly concerned, especially in the age of heavy information leakage. Personally identifiable information is easily captured by diversified electronic devices and the internet. Milesight people counters use technologies like ToF, PIR, and thermopile to prevent information leakage without collecting personal data.

They transmit data via LoRaWAN® protocol which baud rates range from 0.3 kbps to 50 kbps. The feature makes it fit for anonymous detection. It only sends small amounts of data (like sensor readings) over long distances, ensuring anonymous detection. The people counting sensors are in line with GDPR compliance.

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