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Boosting Energy Efficiency? The Air Is More Helpful than You Think.

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Did you know that heating and cooling buildings uses a lot of energy?

According to USEPA, it could be up to 43 percent of all energy use in the United States. The main purposes of a Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system are to help maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ) through adequate ventilation with filtration and provide thermal comfort. HVAC systems are among the largest energy consumers in schools.

In Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV), IAQ sensors and IoT controllers are great helpers which are commonly used to measure the air composition in ventilation units to monitor and adjust the performance of HVAC systems and other indoor air quality management strategies.

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Bouncing Back to Secured Study through CO2 Detection

School IAQ Solution Success Stories Worldwide

Globally, the awareness of indoor air quality (IAQ) has noticeably raised, especially for students and education practitioners across the
educational stages. Check how we can help you to smash stale or polluted air adversely.

iaq success stories in schools usa

Harford Community College(HCC) in United States

IAQ Monitoring in 20 Educative Buildings

Since 1957, Harford Community College (HCC) has been providing essential university-level core curriculum studies along with vocational trade instruction for area residents. The main campus occupies 352 acres near Bel Air, Maryland, and has 24 buildings totaling approximately 372,525 square feet. With indoor air quality monitoring, HCC could obtain the verifiable data to demonstrate for all its stakeholders that the IAQ in all HCC facilities was being maintained at safe levels.

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iaq success stories in schools canada

School Districts in Canada

IAQ Protection in 47,000 Classrooms

The government of Quebec in Canada initiated the process of deploying IoT solution that is able to monitor temperature, humidity and the level of CO₂ in over 90,000 classrooms. By reporting every 5 minutes during the day, real-time monitoring is available and truly helpful.

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iaq success stories in schools uk

Scoill Phurt le Moirrey (SPLM) in Europe

Reported by iaq success stories in schools bbc news

“The monitors have had a big impact on how we perceive and manage our learning environments and they have also created independence in the children when managing their own classrooms.” Steve Chapple, Deputy Head at SPLM.

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Ensuring Health of Occupants Everywhere

Indoor air quality impacts us all regardless where we live.Get comprehensive understanding of your IAQ.

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Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings Everywhere

IAQ Solution Success Stories

$250,000 Have Been Saved with 4,400 Milesight Sensors


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iaq success stories smart building canada
iaq new york times interview

New York Times Interview: Can Sensor Technology
Help Keep Office Workers Healthy?

United States

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iaq success stories smart office usa

IoT Solution Deployed for Aged Care Facilities


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iaq success stories hospital australia

Cost-Saving Operations in Smart Buildings


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Sensing and Seeing the Air with IAQ Sensors

Real-time and remote energy management is actionable by monitoring indoor air quality, such as temperature, humidity,
CO₂, PM2.5 & PM10, TVOC and more from our IAQ sensors

2 in 1 iaq sensor hvac


2-in-1 IAQ Sensors
  • Itsy-bitsy & Eye-Catching
  • Traffic Light Indicator
  • Anti-theft Protection
  • 2.13Inch E-ink Screen (AM102)
  • Support Smart Screen Mode (AM102)
  • Support Hibernation Mode (AM102)
  • Battery Life up to 7 Years (AM102) / 9 Years (AM102L)




3 in 1 iaq sensor hvac


3-in-1 IAQ Sensors
  • Traffic Light Status Indicator
  • Anti-theft Protection
  • 2.13 Inch E-ink Screen (AM103)
  • Vivid Emoticon Indication (AM103)
  • Support Smart Screen Mode (AM103)
  • Support Hibernation Mode (AM103)
  • Battery Life up to 3 Years (AM103) / 4 Years (AM103L)






9 in 1 iaq sensor hvac

AM307(L)/ AM308(L)

9-in-1 IAQ Sensors
  • Aligned with WELL (AM319)
  • Traffic Light Indicator & Buzzer
  • Higher Accuracy & Smart Screen Mode
  • Anti-theft Protection
  • Data Retrieval and Data Retransmission
  • 4.2-Inch E-ink Screen (AM307/AM308/AM319)
  • Vivid Emoticon Indication (AM307/AM308/AM319)
  • Powered via USB Type-C (AM319/AM319L)
  • Battery Life up to 3 Years (AM307) / 1 Year (AM308)
  • Battery Life up to 4 Years (AM307L) / 1.5 Years (AM308L)












barometric pressure





PM2.5 & PM10

Pair up Our Products to Unlock Features

iot controller hvac

IoT Controller UC300

Empower Automatic and Intelligent Control

  • Bridge Modbus Data between Serial and Ethernet Network
  • Integrated Rich Interfaces: DI/DO/AI/RS232/RS485/PT100/RTD Input
  • Autonomous Operation when the Network is Unavailable
  • Milesight D2D with Communication Latency to < 1 Sec
lorawan gateway iaq solution

LoRaWAN® Gateways

Enable All-Round Connectivity

  • Handle Massive Sensor Data Efficiently
  • Handle Higher Amount of Traffic with Lower Consumption
  • Extraordinary Features: Noise Analyzer, Multicast, Gateway Fleet
  • Support BACnet (UG56/65/67)
  • Embedded Node-RED Development Tool and Python SDK (UG56/65/67)
iaq milesight iot cloud

Milesight IoT Cloud

Stay informed and control from anywhere

  • Custom Multiple Combinations of Conditions and Triggers
  • Allow Admin to Check and Export Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
  • Visualized Dashboard & Intuitive Widgets
  • Drag and Drop Experience & Full Screen Mode Available
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IAQ Data at A Glance

Clear Your Doubts

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Our Certified IAQ Sensors
Your Helps in WELL and IWBI Community

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Milesight AM319 9-in-1 IAQ Sensor has officially earned the coveted Works with WELL mark. “The Works with WELL program, introduced by IWBI earlier this year in response to the increasing demand for healthier building products and solutions, allows product manufacturers and service providers to validate and demonstrate how their offerings align with requirements in the WELL Building Standard (WELL).“ - IWBI

* WORKS WITH WELL is a trademark of International WELL Building Institute PBC and used by those product manufacturers granted permission by International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) following IWBI's license criteria validation process.

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Clean air in indoor environment means healthier, more productive people. See how our IAQ Solution gives you the insights to make the safer and healthier decision.

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