ToF Laser Distance Sensor

Highly Specialized, Reliable and Durable


Cat M

em400 tld image 1 small
em400 tld image 2 small
em400 tld image 3 small
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life of up to 10 Years
  • Rugged and Reliable IP67 Rated Enclosure
  • Positioning Function Enabled by GNSS Modules
    (NB-IoT version)
  • LoRaWAN® & NB-IoT & CAT M Versions Available
  • 3-in-1 Sensor Specialized for Smart Waste Management
    (Fill Level, Device Position, and Combustion)
  • High Accuracy and Almost No Blind Spot
  • Two Pre-set Modes for Seamless User Experience

EM400-TLD is a highly specialized product among the EM400 Series, which is designed for small & mini trash bins, boasts a range of powerful features, including the ability to detect overflowing garbage, the status of the garbage bin lid, and trash combustion. With pre-set modes that save users from configuration, EM400-TLD is the ideal solution for smart waste management, providing a long-lasting performance that customers can rely on. Additionally, its availability in both LoRaWAN® and NB-loT versions allows for a variety of application scenarios.

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Get to Know Our Powerful and Versatile EM400 Series

(LoRaWAN® Version)


LoRaWAN® & NB-IoT &
CAT M Versions Available

For flexible and broad applications, LoRaWAN®, NB-IoT and CAT M versions are available.

*Cellular band:
Cat M1:
Cat NB2:
B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/ B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B28/B66/B71/B85

em400 tld lorawan version
LoRaWAN® Version
  • Wide Area Coverage: Data transmission range up to 2 km in urban areas and 15 km in rural areas
  • Power Saving: Low battery consumption enabled by LoRaWAN® technology
  • More Deployment Freedom: Deployment options based on both private and public network facilities
em400 tld nb iot version
NB-IoT & CAT M Versions Available
  • Stable Transmission: Reliable data transmission via cellular base stations
  • Positioning Capability: Equipped with GNSS module to help track your assets
  • Low Deployment Cost: Low deployment cost due to the presence of existing cellular base stations
  • Cumulative Reporting: Accumulate up to 24 data packets in each report, saving transmission cost and power consumption

Cat M

High Accuracy Guaranteed
By ToF

EM400-TLD employs time-of-flight (ToF) to detect and measure the distance to objects, ensuring almost no blind spots and a stable performance. Leveraging ToF technology, EM400-TLD can effectively monitor the fill level of small & mini trash bin with high accuracy and alert users to empty trash in time.

Specialized for Small Trash Bin Monitoring

Device Position / Device Tilt Status Monitoring

The EM400-TLD is equipped with a built-in 3-axis accelerometer to detect the device position, which can be used to monitor the opening and closing of the trash bin lid.

Combustion Monitoring

With built-in NTC thermistor, EM400-TLD can monitor the temperature inside the garbage bin and send alert in time if combustion occurs.

Device Position
Combustion Monitoring
em400 tld device position em400 tld combustion monitoring
em400 tld preset modes

Pre-set Modes for Better
User Experience

EM400-TLD comes equipped with two pre-set modes, namely the Standard mode and Bin mode, each designed to cater to the common requirements of distance measurement and waste bin monitoring applications. These modes are configured with different data collection and report intervals to ensure optimal performance. With these ready-to-use modes available, users can integrate EM400-TLD into monitoring solutions quickly.

Rugged and Reliable
IP67 Rated Enclosure

IP67 rated enclosure ensures EM400-TLD is protected against dust, water, and other environmental hazards, enabling it to withstand harsh environment. EM400-TLD also features a conformal coating on its PCBA, which provides an extra layer of protection against moisture, dust, and other contaminants that can damage electronic components. These two features extend the lifespan of the EM400-TLD and ensure that it continues to function reliably in harsh conditions.

em400 tld ip67

Ultra-long Battery Life of up to 10 Years

EM400-TLD is equipped with high-capacity and easily-replaceable batteries. This facilitates the installation and maintenance process and reduces wiring costs. The conditions of battery life are specified below:

  • LoRaWAN® Version:

    Standard mode: Over 10 years (10-min interval, 25°C)
    Bin mode: Over 10 years (20-min interval, 25°C)

  • NB/Cat.M Version:

    TCP/UDP—10 years, MQTT/AWS—5 years (4 times report per day, each report includes 12 packages with 30-min collection interval, 25°C)

Cloud Data Management
Milesight IoT Cloud

  • Data Visualization Dashboard:
    All figures in a glance
  • Automatic Triggers:
    Interactive collaboration with Milesight IoT sensors
    to realize scene-based automation
  • Regular Reports & Real-Time Alerts:
    Data-based insights
  • Android & iOS App:
    Manage devices at your fingertips
iaq sensors cloud

NFC Configuration

Switching On/Off & Configuring the Devices Wirelessly

em400 tld configuration 1

1st Step

Install the
Milesight ToolBox

em400 tld configuration 2

2nd Step

Enable NFC and run ToolBox,
then attach your phone to the device

em400 tld configuration 3

3rd Step

Verify the password
and start configuring

Explore More About NFC Configuration >>


Screw Mounting


Wireless Transmission
LoRaWAN® Version
Tx Power16 dBm (868 MHz)/20 dBm (915MHz)/19 dBm (470MHz)
Sensitivity-137dBm @300bps
ModeOTAA/ABP Class A
NB-IoT/Cat M Version
Cellular BandCat M1: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B27/B28/B66/B85
Cat NB2:
B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/ B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B28/B66/B71/B85
SIM Slot1 (Micro SIM-3FF)
Application ModeTCP/UDP/MQTT/AWS/Milesight IoT Cloud1
ToF FoV27°
Detection Range2 ~ 350 cm
Detection Accuracy±2 cm
Detection Resolution1 mm
Device Position
Range-40 ~ 125°C
GNSS Positioning (NB-IoT/Cat M Version Only)
Power On & OffNFC, Power Button (Internal)
ConfigurationMobile App (via NFC)
Physical Characteristics
Power Supply2 x 9000 mAh ER26500 Li-SOCL2 Batteries
Battery Life2LoRaWAN® Version:
Standard mode: Around 10 years (10 min interval, 25°C)
Bin mode: Around 10 years (20 min interval, 25°C)
NB-IoT/Cat.M Version:
TCP/UDP—Around 10 Years, MQTT/AWS—Around 5 Years
(4 Times Report per Day, per Report Includes 12 Packages with 30-min Collection Interval, 25°C)3
Operating Temperature- 30°C ~ 70°C
Relative Humidity≤95% (non-condensing)
Ingress ProtectionIP67
Dimension118 × 65 × 30 mm
Material & ColorABS + PC (Flame Retardant), Black gray
InstallationOn the Flat Surfaces with Screws

1 Milesight IoT Cloud mode is under development.
2 Tested under laboratory conditions and for guideline purposes only.
3 PSM is required for SIM card and will be impacted by cellular base station signals.


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