Creating Green Buildings
with Sensing Technologies

For Smarter Management

People Counting & Occupancy
Water Management
Power Consumption
Energy Efficiency
Parking & Waste Management
green building people counting
People Counting
Counting the Millions
By getting accurate and real-time people flow statistics, it greatly contributes to better space utilization, improved energy saving, and more value-added business running.
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green building occupancy monitoring
Occupancy Monitoring
Knowing the Unknown
With real-time people counting data, the overall space capacity and usage patterns will be clearer to allocate resources, avoid unnecessary energy waste and optimize space utilization.
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green building iaq monitoring
Indoor Air Quality
Seeing the Unseen
By monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ), such as temperature, relative humidity, CO₂, PM2.5 & PM10, TVOC and more, real-time and remote management is actionable. This is suitable for bench-marking and developing ventilation, filtration, and other indoor air quality management strategies.
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green building advanced hvac system
Advanced HVAC System
Pairing with Breath
In Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV), IAQ sensors are great helpers which are commonly used to measure the air composition in ventilation units to monitor and adjust the performance of HVAC systems.
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green building smart water management
Smart Water
Transforming into Modern Ones
All types of utilities need to take a leading role in deploying smart technologies to minimize waste. Real-time detection of water leaks can be helpful for critical assets or spaces, such as data centers. Retrofitting traditional metering with sensors and cameras can help achieve a more advanced level of management.
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green building power consumption
Power Consumption
Optimizing Efficiency Effortlessly
Smart lighting systems and smart switch system can be used to control electrical and electronic devices, such as switches and outlets. These devices can be turned on or off remotely through a mobile app, allowing occupants to control their environment more easily.
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green building energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Highest Performance with Lowest Cost
From smart utility solutions to electric vehicle charging station solutions, from smart workplaces to smart buildings, Milesight is demonstrating a clearer, more robust solution to maximize energy efficiency.
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green building smart level detection
Parking & Waste
Management via Level
Discovering New Possibilities
Precise measurement of distance and level can help optimize production, eliminate waste, and ensure safety. Detecting parking space occupancy and providing real-time updates through a cloud platform significantly enhances parking operations' efficiency. Monitoring the fill level of garbage bins can play a significant role in optimizing waste collection and disposal processes.
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